Hey guys! I’m just quickly stopping by to share with you a list that lovely u/mskittyfantastico made a while ago after I had asked if someone on r/ScA could put together something like that. The Anthelios range is extremely extensive, and I was getting a little desperate trying to choose a sunscreen, but this table — sweet Jesus, this table. It’s one of the handiest skincare things on Earth, for sure.

(CTRL + + to zoom in, or click on the image to go right to the original thread! It’s being updated regularly, and you can find lots of mini-reviews in the comments.)

La Roche-Posay Anthelios sunscreens overview
[image via SkincareAddiction]

By the way, my final sunscreens of choice are the XL Fluid Ultra-Light (10th row; SPF50+, PPD42, chemical, fragrance-free), the XL Dry Touch Gel-Cream Anti-Shine (5th row; SPF50+, PPD31, chemical, fragrance-free, pump tube), and the XL Cream Comfort (6th row; SPF50+, PPD39, physical, fragrance-free, pump tube). I wanted something purely chemical (no white cast), and something purely physical (to be occasionally layered over the chemical for even better protection), but both had to be without fragrance, and had to have high SPF and PPD numbers — I don’t mess with anything below SPF50+ and PPD30.

I hope I could help you to find your perfect Anthelios sunscreen! I’ll definitely be doing single reviews on the products, so stay tuned!


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